Hello! Welcome to Skye Homes, LLC! We are one of Columbus’ leading home restoration companies. Founded in 2016, Skye Homes, LLC continues its founders’ family legacy of home restoration.

We purchase homes within our home community of Columbus in need of restoration, thoroughly inspect each home and redress any areas of concern, modernize each home to meet current standards for structural soundness and utilities, tastefully update each homes’ appearance, and then make our projects available on the open market.

What makes Skye Homes, LLC different from our competitors is our commitment to transparency and documentation throughout the restoration process and the quality of our work. We utilize modern tools such as social media to demonstrate to our potential customers how we transform neglected houses into modern, comfortable, and eye-catching homes. Additionally, we utilize our years of experience in home improvement, repair, and restoration and our network of local contractors to produce homes that are constructed with only high-quality materials and workmanship. Our homes offer our customers exceptional long-term value.

To see the latest on our current projects, please visit our social media presence on both Facebook and Instagram. If you have questions for us, are interested in purchasing one of our homes, or have a home you would like to sell us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Skye Homes, LLC