About Us

Who We Are

Skye Homes, LLC is a real estate solutions company located in Columbus, Ohio. We specialize in buying homes and we’re experts at finding solutions for people who are in the market to sell their own home or investment property quickly for any reason.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help restore the beauty in our community one house at a time. We aim to help people in any situation where they may need to get rid of their house. Not only do we take the worst houses on the block and turn them into some of the most beautiful houses that any family would love to call home, we do so much more. Houses that people can no longer maintain the upkeep on or make payments for, we would love to develop a solution for them as well.

Meet Our Team

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Marc Nelson

Marc is a college graduate from The Ohio State University where he majored in Sports Management (another one of his passions is sports). After college he got a job doing sales for the Cleveland Cavaliers, but he soon realized that he had no passion for it. He returned home to New Bremen where he worked for his father again as he had since he was a child and he started to take classes online for construction management. Moving back home and being able to work on houses again is what solidified for Marc that this was what he wanted to do for his own career. He moved to Columbus in 2013 where he worked within his construction management degree until he decided that he was ready to be his own boss and create the business he’s always wanted.

Kimberly Nelson

Kimberly is a Patient Care Coordinator for Orthopedic One and is also currently enrolled in the nursing program at COTC in Newark, Ohio. She and Marc met October 2013 and it was love at first sight. Marc shared with her his dreams of restoring houses and building his own business and she shared with him her love of wood crafting that she enjoys as a hobby. They bought their first home together in Gahanna, Ohio on February 10, 2015. Although this house was the worst house on the entire block, Kimberly and Marc knew that they could turn it into something spectacular. They spent a month working full time for other companies, living in an apartment off of Cleveland Avenue on the north side of Columbus, and fixing up their house in every spare moment they had to make it ready to move inWith the success of seeing what they accomplished in their own home, and having watched A LOT of HGTV shows,  Kimberly and Marc decided that it was finally time for them to pursue Marc’s dream and start their own business redeveloping houses. They got married October 14, 2016 and started the business 1 month after!

Skye Nelson

Skye Homes, LLC is named after Kimberly and Marc’s German Shepard/Lab mix, Skye. They rescued Skye from the Franklin County Animal Shelter in 2014. She has proven to be a very loving dog and addition to their family and the best mascot for the business, so it was only natural to name it after her.

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