Our Services

Skye Homes, LLC is a real estate solutions company located in Columbus, Ohio.



Skye Homes, LLC is focused on buying properties around the east side of Columbus and surrounding areas. We offer cash for each house we buy and prevent sellers from having to pay fees such as closing costs and realtor commissions. We also work with a team of realtors that we refer if someone should need help finding a new place to live after selling their home. We specialize in helping individuals going through pre-foreclosure, inherited properties, unwanted rentals, homes in disrepair, fire and/or water damage.



We work with skilled contractors to remodel every house we work on, as well as use only high quality materials. Skye Homes, LLC is dedicated to keeping as much of our business in the community as possible. The contractors that we work with are all local men and women and most of our materials come from businesses that many of us pass every day. The remodels are all done with state of the art materials and finishes to give buyers everything they could want in a home and more.



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